网站是由凯文 · 哈特经营, 有超过十年的信息技术与经验的技术顾问, 编程, 网页设计, 安全, 和多媒体.

在过去 10 年, Kevin Hart has provided technical guidance and new media services to numerous clients throughout Florida and the globe. Since 2002 凯文贡献视频新闻和纪录片独立媒体, collaborating with fellow reporter and film-maker Brian Conley to develop the 活在巴格达 项目, one of the first ever online video series. The project has since burgeoned into its own citizen journalism training and consulting syndicate, 小世界新闻.

在 2006, 凯文搬到盖恩斯维尔人类学地开展他的学术兴趣, 大众传播, and informatics at The University of Florida. After graduating with high honors, 凯文回到他提供信息技术解决方案向企业和消费者的爱. His current clients include businesses in the fields of medical devices, 工程, 新闻媒体, 餐厅, 房地产管理, 信息管理, 农业, 医疗保健和非政府组织 (非政府组织).