Information Technology Coordinator


Kevin Hart has been providing technical guidance, project management, programming, web-design, and new media services in Florida for over a decade. In addition to his work with NGOs and private corporations, he has contributed to independent news and journalism. Mr. Hart has provided technical expertise to businesses ranging in size from start-ups to Fortune 500s and in industries as diverse as testing laboratories, news organizations, engineering, and manufacturing. In 2005, Mr. Hart collaborated with reporter and film-maker Brian Conley to develop the Alive in Baghdad project, which employed Iraqi journalists to produce video packages each week about a variety of topics on daily life in wartime Iraq. The project won numerous awards as one of the first online video series, and has since burgeoned into its own citizen journalism syndicate, Small World News. Mr. Hart provides support for Small World News projects including Storymaker, a journalism training application and mapping and monitoring projects using Ushahidi and open source SMS gateways.  Hart has also provided his technical expertise to news organizations such as The Independent Florida Alligator.


B.A., Anthropology, University of Florida – Gainesville, 2009



2011 – Present, IT Director;
ABC Research Laboratories, Gainesville, FL

Responsible for oversight of IT infrastructure, operations and development and implementation of IT processes for all information systems. Manage desktop support personnel who provide support services for both back office business operations and clients. Responsible for information management system architecture design and implementation.

2005 – Present, Information Technology Coordinator,
Small World News, Philadelphia, PA

Provides web and hosting support services for the Storymaker Project and network including Alive in Libya, Alive in Egypt, Alive in Baghdad, and Alive in Afghanistan. Performs internal security audits and data integrity checking of online content management systems. Responsible for backup solutions for websites and databases. Develops proof-of-concept sites for new projects and site redesigns. Implements new features for citizen interaction using new media technologies. Kevin has developed SMS to internet technologies that enable international election monitoring, geocoding and event heat-mapping as well as internationalization (multilingual sites) and realtime event monitoring for disasters and special events.

2008 – Present, System Engineer,
Campus Communications, Inc., Gainesville, FL

Provides technical guidance on website content management system adoption and deployment. Performs hardware and software deployment, networking, and repairs to hardware infrastructure. Provides desktop security and support services. Responsible for identifying and resolving disparate technical needs between departments including hardware, software, and web presence requirements. Provides 24 hour support for time-critical operations. Responsible for management of critical business network infrastructure supporting hundreds of users in over a half dozen divisions operating 24 hours a day. System support requires knowledge of client computers running Microsoft Windows and OS X as well as servers running Linux and Windows. Responsible for managing security of firewall, internet filters including proxies and deep packet inspection (dpi), group policies, network switches, routing equipment and managed VPN services.

2010 – Present, Data Backup Services Consultant,
Solid Systems CAD Services, Houston, TX

Responsible for providing on-site to off-site secure data backup and transfer services for mission-critical infrastructure. As a data backup consultant, Kevin provides process-driven rotational backup storage management solutions to enterprise businesses that rely on SSCS everyday for the accessibility, safety and security of the data on their servers.

2008 – 2010, Web Services Consultant,
The North Florida Herald, Gainesville, FL

Consultant for major regional newspaper. Responsible for converting print content to electronic edition and publishing content within a limited time frame. Performs error checking on asset delivery to customers.

2008 –2009, Website Development and Hosting Consultant,
Champ City Realty, Inc., Gainesville, FL

Develops and maintains standards compliant website and custom content management system. Codes custom parsers to allow the import, export, and syndication of housing data between MySQL database and other systems. Creates custom geo-location tools to encode and display database assets to end-users via an interactive web interface.