We offer outside consulting for all of your IT needs, including resource planning, network design, application deployment and much more!  With extensive experience working with companies large and small to identify their needs you can count on our knowledge and expertise to develop working solutions that fit your budget and infrastructure.

Our clientele is extremely varied – from offices with 5 employees to Fortune 500 companies, so we understand how to tailor solutions for small business, yet have the resources ready to serve even the largest customers. Whether you have a single office or multiple global divisions, we are your #1 source for strategic IT research, planning, deployment, and management.

Our services include:

  • Information Technology
    Planning, Deployment and Management
  • Network Design and Deployment
    Topography, Resource Planning, QoS, upgrades
  • Software Project Management
    Outsourcing, Software Infrastructure Management
  • Redundancy, Backup, and Disaster Planning
    Encryption, Offsite storage, Failover Systems, Secure Destruction
  • Workflow Management and Tracking Systems
    ERP, CRM, CMS, Auditing, Sales,  Accounting,
    Compliance management, policy enforcement
  • Threat Prevention, Detection and Mitigation
    Firewalls, Network Traffic Monitoring, L7 filtering, APT Detection
  • Web Solutions
    Planning, Design, Development, Deployment
  • Remote Monitoring and Alert
    Network and Web uptime , Security Cameras and Alarms