I see it every Fall, a new computer repair company starts offering their services on a domain oddly similar to GainesvilleComputer.com. Whether they are trying to ‘borrow’ our good reputation or just looking for an extremely long domain name we’ll never know for certain. What I do know is this: a virus infection can rarely be removed completely in a matter of hours.

Sure, a single virus can be removed very quickly from a computer, but very very few computers are infected with only a single virus.

Many fly-by-night computer repair shops are happy to come to your dorm, home or business, show you the virus they found in 10 minutes and call the job done. Then two weeks later you are calling them back for another visit because your computer got infected again.

Rinse and Repeat.

While they might remove a virus in “between 1 and 4 hours” it is very rare that a thorough virus check can be completed in that little time. Sure, you can run an automated tool, find a virus and remove it, but what about the rest of the viruses, trojans and malware causing the underlying infection?

We understand you want your computer returned quickly, but we won’t let you waste time going back and forth from home to computer shop for the same infection. It isn’t fair to you!

We won’t guarantee you a virus free computer in under four hours, and we don’t try to remove a virus for $25 and send you on your way.

What we do is carefully check your machine using multiple methods to be sure your computer is completely free of malware, spyware, trojans, badware, adware, viruses, extortion ware and much more. Then we harden your computer with effective countermeasures to help protect you in the future.

It might take us overnight instead of an hour, but when we are done we have happy customers that have truly virus-free PCs.