The website is operated by Kevin Hart, a technical consultant with more than a decade of experience with Information Technology, programming, web design, security, and multimedia.

Over the last 10 years, Kevin Hart has provided technical guidance and new media services to numerous clients throughout Florida and the globe.  Since 2002 Kevin has contributed news and documentary video to Independent media outlets, collaborating with fellow reporter and film-maker Brian Conley to develop the Alive in Baghdad project, one of the first ever online video series.  The project has since burgeoned into its own citizen journalism training and consulting syndicate, Small World News.

In 2006, Kevin moved to Gainesville to pursue his academic interests in Anthropology, mass communication, and informatics at The University of Florida.  After graduating with high honors, Kevin returned to his love of providing Information Technology solutions to businesses and consumers.  His current clients include businesses in the fields of medical devices, engineering, news media, restaurants, real estate management, information management, farming, healthcare and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

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