Sovint em pregunten pels clients “Com puc saber si un lloc és segur per visitar?”

La realitat, per desgràcia, is that you don’t. Even by using the very best anti-virus software and the most up-to-date browser, you can still be susceptible to viruses and other malware. Without locking a computer down to a point most would consider unusable, there will always be some potential for the bad guys and girls to get in and do terrible things. However, algunes simples precaucions poden prendre.

En primer lloc, si vostè no té un dalt-a antivirus actualitzat hauria instal lar un. Hi ha alguns molt fiable lliure options on the right sidebar of this website that I recommend to home users. Corporate and business users should consider getting a business license that covers both their workstations and servers. It is important that the entire network is protected.

En segon lloc, instal lar el programari anti-malware. Spybot Search and Destroy is a favorite of mine. There are also many other free and paid offerings available that also work. The advantage Spybot offers over some competition is the “la immunització” feature. When you immunize your computer with Spybot, coneguts llocs web mal són immediatament bloquejats perquè no puguin ser visitades per accident.

Actualització del sistema operatiu, antivirus, i el programari anti-malware al dia és una part essencial de mantenir fora de perill a Internet.

Next is a quick trick you can use if you have concerns about a specific website. Google’s web crawler visits millions of web-pages every day. Quan ho fa, Google also checks for things that might hurt your computer. Google offers free access to reports that are generated based on this data. To check a particular website, simplement introduïu l'adreça en el formulari de sota.

Check a website for malware:

Mentre que fa servir el formulari de dalt no es garanteix que el web és segura, it will certainly limit the chances of you visiting a problematic website. Remember, just because a website is very well known does not mean it is immune from problems. Viruses have infected websites from The New York Times to the Drudge Report and everything in between. An ounce of caution can prevent a ton of problems when it comes to surfing the web.

Per obtenir més informació sobre com vostè i el seu negoci pot estar fora de perill a la web, en contacte amb nosaltres avui!